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Post by Guest on Thu Jan 24, 2008 7:54 am

sorry my net fucked up and i logged on and all my mates were gone and my leagues went awol im sorry for this i hope im still a member of the league as most of u know i am relabile ah well i been replaced cos i wasnt on and the net fucked up well least im still member of a decent league


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Post by Lloydero on Thu Jan 24, 2008 9:37 am


firstly if id comitted to ANYTHING and i lost internet, Id go to a mates of the local library or internet cafe and send a message saying "internet is down and ill be some time can you please keep my place for me"

but nothing!!!, and its funny how your internet took all your friends off, but left Your old username still on...

Anyway, i dont think that the language you chose to use in the previous post is apt for a site that accepts under 18s, and as for joining a "decent league" i say good luck because this "decent league" wants considerate members only, and with the attitude youve shown towards this site im sure theyll be honoured to have you...

this "decent site" sent you numerous emails and messages asking if your ok and are you still in, and we kept your team open for 48 hrs...with no response

Good Luck in your search for a "decent League"

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