The match days and our friends overseas

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default The match days and our friends overseas

Post by Lloydero on Mon Jan 14, 2008 8:02 am

Ok we have decided (as you will see this evening) that match days will be Sundays and thursday 8pm

The main reason we chose these days is due to Matches on tv and people like to go out saturdays and fridays, in the past matches were not played due to these hopefully this should sort that!!

Now we understand that our friends overseas (america and Canada) this will not suit you....but you can contact your oppsition and arrange to play your midweek game at the weekend (as long as you keep your league admin informed) same for you guys who cant do 8pm....just arrange with your opposition what time suits you and let your league admin know

this is pretty flexible and should be good for all !!!

Good luck in all your matches , play fair and have fun!!! LETS GET IT ON!!!

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